International Photography Festival Israel 2014

I'm Pleased to announce my participation in the International Photography Festival Israel 2014, hosted by ArtLink, and curated by Maya Anner.  A selected 13 photographs from my work titled, Letters: A Portrait Of A Family, will be in a section of the exhibition titled Americana.  Americana, consists of 13 recent grad students from the 10 best fine art photography programs in the U.S.  3 of the artists included are selected from the San Francisco Art Institute.  Along side myself, Kelly Nettles, and Erin Hall. It is quite an honor for us to be representing the San Francisco Art Institute and emerging photography in the U.S.  The opening is April 5th in Rishon LeZion, Israel.

Link to Festival Home Page

2-Day Workshop at the International Photography Festival Israel 2014

The Visual Narrative:

How To Edit and Sequence Your Photographs for a Book

With Naaman Rosen

Workshop time: 2, 3 hour classes


The photography book is the perfect vessel in understanding the visual narrative of a photography project.  It allows us an intimate setting to develop a relationship with every picture, and helps develop meaning as every photograph builds within a sequence.

In this workshop, participants will be involved in a discussion about how to edit and sequence their photographs to gain a greater understanding of how to create a visual narrative.   Using the book as a model to gain a better understanding of how to see the formal relations between photographs as well as developing your own personal voice within your photography.

In this workshop, participants will be required to bring a minimum of 20 prints.  These photographs should be a work in progress that the artist would like to gain a better understanding of how to use, edit and sequence.  As a class we will discuss what is working, or not, within the body of the work, while listening to the voice of the artist to help create a deeper understanding and meaning.

By the end of the class, we will narrow down everyone’s photographs to a solid 8 images that will be made into a small paper “zine”, which every participant will get a copy of.


Supplemental Instructions & Requirements For Assignment:


Day 1:

·      Participants should bring a minimum of 20 images.  Preferably in a print form so that we can display them on a table or wall.  Prints make it easier to shuffle and organize visually for the edit and sequence process.  If you only have digital images, please come with your own equipment and software for viewing and editing.


·      Everyone will leave the first day with a plan to create a small “zine”, on day two, with 8 of the images viewed during day one. 


·     Participants will be required to print these 8 images for the second half of the workshop.


·      Reprint images to 3in X 4in (7.62cm X 10.16cm)


Day 2:


·      Bring  the 8, 3in X 4in (7.62cm X 10.16cm) prints to complete “zine”.


·      Construct zine.


·      Make copies of zine’s for everyone in the workshop.